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Abstracts2View - 2013 PAS Abstracts now Available

Late Breaker Abstract Session

Late Breaking Abstract Submissions - Deadline passed.  Please log back in April 1st to obtain your disposition.

Abstract Submission - Deadline passed. Please log back in to view your submission or obtain a receipt.

The pride and reputation of the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Annual Meeting has always been predicated on the presentation of the highest quality original science. Your support and participation, through the submission of your best abstracts and attendance, is the key to our persistent success and growth. We encourage you to submit abstracts of the highest quality from your own laboratory or clinical research program for consideration. In addition, help support these meetings by also encouraging junior faculty and trainees, as well as others in your discipline, to submit abstracts detailing cutting edge novel investigations that are hypothesis-driven. The PAS Annual Meeting is an  outstanding forums for presentations by young investigators. The deadline for submission has been extended to November 20, 2012, 10AM CST.

The Pediatric Academic Societies - the American Pediatric Society, Society for Pediatric Research, Academic Pediatric Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics are pleased to welcome the Alliance Societies who host their own annual meetings or co-host program activities in conjunction with the PAS. The involvement and synergy created through these alliances continues to expand, providing high energy and exciting opportunities for exchange and collaboration. Take a few moments to review the full list of topics planned for 2013. This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.

This meeting is a particularly important opportunity for the medical community focused on child health to show their support for academic medicine. Help us to ensure that we continue to represent the vigor and enthusiasm of academic medicine by showcasing the best in pediatrics and child health research of this century. We look forward to your abstract submissions. Additional program, housing and registration materials will be available in early December on the website.

Abstract Instructions & Guidelines

Abstracts2View™ - NOW AVAILABLE - Access the abstracts and other programming from the 2012 PAS Annual Meeting.

Abstract Archives

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2013 Abstract Submission Topics

Technical Support


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Award Application Are Electronic and All Contained in the Program
Award applicants will complete Award Application Forms online (already prepopulated with the presenting author’s information) and will then upload the supplemental materials for that award. Files of all types are able to be uploaded: i.e., .doc, .tif, .pdf, .jpg.

Abstract Fee
$50 per abstract if submitting to PAS OR ESPR Only
$90 if submitting abstract to PAS AND ESPR

Abstract Size
Approximately 2,600 characters, and includes the title, authors,  and abstract text (as well as spaces).  Space for tables (worth the text that is in them) and/or  figures (440 characters)  is counted against the space allowed as well.  The program shows the % of space used at the top of every page.  The abstract must be 100% or less to submit.  Disclosure text is no longer included in the character count.

Biosketch Requirement
There is no biosketch requirement.

Conflict of Interest / Disclosure Requirement
The RESPONSIBLE AUTHOR must make disclosure of financial or other interests on behalf of all authors within the program.

The Responsible Author must be one of the authors on the abstract and must accept responsibility on behalf of all of the authors or group to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that any author (and/or an immediate family member including spouses/partners) may have with regards to the work being submitted.

Sponsors of Abstracts
APS, SPR, APA, ASPR or AAP members (with dues paid) OR:
• ASPN members
• PES members
• PIDS members
• Eastern SPR members for Eastern SPR only abstracts

Sponsor name must be entered and a verification will occur online before they can submit, exception is for Global Pediatrics Research Theme.

Prior Presentation (another mtg)
Can be submitted to the PAS Annual Meeting

Prior Publication
Should not be submitted to PAS; if research has been published in manuscript form, it can be submitted, but the PAS office must be notified if it has been submitted, but not yet accepted OR will be published after the meeting.

Technical Support
Direct: 1.507.403.2305

Abstract Submission Topics

Subspecialty topic designation is required when submitting your abstract. See also themes for optional categories of submission. 

Subspecialty Area  (Required)

The PAS Program Committee has chosen the following subspecialty topics in which abstracts will be reviewed:

  • Adolescent Medicine

  • Allergy & Immunology & Rheumatology

  • Cardiology

  • Child Abuse & Neglect

  • Critical Care

  • Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics

  • Developmental Biology  

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Endocrinology & Diabetes

  • Epidemiology

  • General Pediatrics & Preventive Pediatrics

  • Genetics/Inborn Error of Metabolism

  • Gastroenterology / Hepatology

  • Hematology/Oncology

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Medical Education

  • Neonatal Epidemiology, Health Services Research & Follow up

  • Neonatal Fetal Nutrition & Metabolism ## see footnote

  • Neonatal Infectious Diseases/Immunology ## see footnote

  • Neonatal Neurology

  • Neonatal Pulmonology ## see footnote

  • Neonatology - General ** see footnote

  • Nephrology

  • Neurology

  • Pharmacology

  • Pulmonology 

Theme Areas  (optional)

  • Asthma  

  • Autism

  • Brain Imaging: Development & Injury

  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Development

  • Children with Special Health Care Needs

  • Clinical Bioethics

  • CTSA Pediatric Clinical Translational Research

  • Environmental Health

  • Fetal Origins of Adult Disease

  • Genetic Basis of Disease

  • Global Pediatric Research

  • Health Services Research

  • Historical Perspectives

  • Hospitalist Medicine

  • Human Milk or Breastfeeding

  • Hypertension

  • Immunizations Delivery

  • Injury Prevention

  • Media & Technology

  • Neonatal Brain Metabolism and Injury  

  • Neonatal - Disease-Oriented Research

  • Neonatal - Patient-Oriented Research

  • Neonatal Medicine: Clinical Trials

  • Obesity

  • Pediatric Nutrition  

  • Pediatric Therapeutics (CTSA)

  • Public Health and Prevention

  • Pulmonary Vascular Biology

  • Quality Improvement

  • Underserved Populations     

Footnotes to Subspecialty/Theme Codes


The subspecialty category, Neonatology General, will be divided between four themes. These categories have been chosen to broadly divide the general neonatal abstracts into workable subcategories. This change will improve the quality of the review process and develop these very strong neonatal platform sessions. 

Thus, if you choose Neonatology General, please select one of these THEMES even if you feel the theme title does not exactly capture the content of your abstract.

  • Clinical Trials: Neonatal Medicine

  • Neonatal Patient-Oriented Research

  • Neonatal Disease-Oriented Research

  • CTSA  Pediatric Clinical Translational Research


Investigators who choose one of the following supspecialties should strongly consider selecting theme Neonatal Disease-Oriented Research or theme Neonatal Patient-Oriented Research in addition to the subspecialty:

  • Neonatal Infectious Diseases

  • Neonatal and Fetal Nutrition & Metabolism 

  • Neonatal Neurology

  • Neonatal Pulmonology

Technical Support
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