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Baltimore, MD | April 29 – May 3, 2016 | Baltimore Convention Center


Invited Science

Emerging Trends: Leveraging Precision Genome Analyses
Q & A Emerging Trends
Environmental Exposures: Protecting Our Children for a Lifetime
Q & A Environmental Exposures
Global Efforts to Accelerate Neonatal Drug Development
Q & A Global Efforts
Healthy Brains – Healthy Bodies: Influencing Neuroplasticity Through Health Promotion

Special Symposium

Zika on our Doorstep: Key Information for Pediatricians
Q & A Zika on our Doorstep


Paolo Montaldo
Miren Dhudasia
Esuh Esong Lucas
Dhristie Bhagat
Christy Cummings
Brian Lurie
Trisha Paul
Sheila Gahagan
Peter Lally
Bonnie Arzuhea
Attendees Overview
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3


St Geme Leadership Award – PAS Keynote Address
Q& A St. Geme Leadership Award


Hot Topic – Planning the Child Health Workforce of the 21st Century
Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics – Benard Dreyer, MD
Challenges in Pediatric Endocrinology – David Allen, MD
Improving Child Nephrology Care – Larry Greenbaum, MD
State of the Art Plenary: Managing Change for Pediatrics in the 21st Century
Interviewing APS Incoming President: Mark Batshaw, MD
Pediatric Academic Pipeline: Alan Schwartz, MD and Norman Rosenblum, MD
Advocacy and Public Policy for Child Health: Paul Chung, MD
Interviewing PIDS Incoming President: Paul Spearman, MD
Interviewing SPR Incoming President: Shari Barkin, MD
Interviewing Valerie Opipari, MD
Probiotics: Are They Ready for Primetime?