The PAS Program Committee is committed to presenting the broadest possible range of high-quality work at the PAS 2017 Meeting. This year, a new platform is used for online abstract submission. All submitters are asked to go to the Scholar One site, create a new account (if they have not already done so) and follow all instructions to submit your abstract. Historically, abstracts accepted for presentation are hypothesis-driven new work. Abstracts rarely accepted for presentation include single case reports, open-label drug trials, highly speculative accounts of clinical experience, and op-ed accounts of personal experience. Interim results from an ongoing clinical trial will not be accepted for presentation unless the study has been prematurely closed for efficacy, lack of efficacy, or issues of safety. The submission of multiple, similar abstracts from the same investigator(s) or laboratory is strongly discouraged.

    • Deadline is January 4, 2017 to submit on Scholar One.
    • Character count is 2600 – includes spaces and also title of abstract; • Character count is 2600 – excludes author’s name and institution and also upload of 2 tables and 2 images.
    • Able to submit to multiple societies as long as abstract is not published
    • A submission fee is required for each abstract submitted. Submission fees are:
    • $75.00 per abstract for submissions for PAS 2017.
    • Sponsorship is NOT required to submit an abstract for the PAS 2017 Meeting.
    • There is no limit on the number of abstracts submitted by each author, but the submission of multiple, similar abstracts from the same investigator(s) or laboratory is strongly discouraged.
    • Abstracts submitted or presented to other societies or national meetings can be submitted for consideration.
    • Research published in manuscript form prior to the submission of the abstract is not appropriate and should not be submitted. If data contained in the abstract is published after submission of the abstract, the PAS Program Office must be notified regardless of timing as soon as publication is recognized. At that time a member of the program committee will make a determination concerning presentation. Abstracts should not be submitted if there is knowledge and confirmation of an upcoming publication prior to the annual meeting or submission deadline.
    • Conflict of Interest/ Disclosure: Only completed by presenting author on the Scholar One site.  Work submitted for presentation must include an acknowledgment of funding sources of commercial nature and/or consulting or holding of significant equity in a company that could be affected by the results of the study. Even if indicated elsewhere in the abstract, this must appear as the last sentence of the abstract and read “funded by…” and/or “equity in…” if pertinent. (See Step 5 – Disclosure Info.)
    • Any animal studies must conform with the “Guiding Principles in the Care and Use of Animals” of the American Physiological Society and any human experimentation has been conducted according to a protocol approved by the institutional committee on ethics of human investigation. And, if no such committee exists, that it conforms to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association (Clinical Research 14: 193, 1966).
    • The submitting author verifies upon submission that All Authors have agreed to the submission of the abstract.
    • If the abstract is selected, the presentation must include the methods used for study and any other information relevant to research.
    • Reviewer scores and comments are confidential and are not available to anyone (including authors) outside of the review process.
    • The decision of the Program Committee to accept or decline an abstract is final. The decision on which format the abstract will be presented is also the decision of the Program Committee.
    The Pediatric Academic Societies’ has arranged with Learners Digest International to provide poster authors with the opportunity to create their poster entirely online by using the Call4Posters® service. This optional service allows authors to have their poster shipped directly to the meeting for on-site pick-up! Further details will be included in the abstract acceptance information.
    The Pediatric Academic Societies will award travel grants for $500 plus complimentary meeting registration to attend the PAS 2017 Meeting. Travel grants are possible for runner-ups among the SPR Fellow Basic and Clinical Research Award categories. To be considered for a travel award, check the appropriate box in the “Awards” part of the submission program and in the online award application form. *Candidates must be the first and presenting author. Please note: This program is only for those abstracts submitted to the PAS 2017 Meeting. Notification of acceptance occurs in early March 2017.
    Abstracts of superior quality will be selected for presentation and will be graded based on the quality of scientific merit/importance, research, design, data analysis, and presentation. The submission of abstracts without data due to incomplete investigations or analyses will be evaluated only on the basis of the information provided.
    The Society for Pediatric Research, Academic Pediatric Association and American Society of Pediatric Nephrology seek nominations for awards through the abstract submission process. Information regarding the awards for 2017, their eligibility criteria, and the award process can be found on the Awards page. Only abstracts accepted for presentation are considered for awards.
    Procedures for applying for an award involves completing all of the following electronically by the submission deadline:
    1. Submitting an abstract electronically
    2. Clicking the appropriate button in the “Awards ” part of the submission program
    3. Completing the Award Application Form online for the respective award, and
    4. Uploading the required supplemental materials (as indicated in the award information and on the Application Form).
    While you are welcome to apply for more than one award, an online Award Application Form is required for EACH award for which you have indicated an interest (by clicking the button on the “Award” page).
    Presentation formats (platform, poster or poster symposium) are determined in February by the PAS Program Committee. Platform sessions are two hours in length. Presentations are 15-minutes (10 minute/presentation; 5 minute/discussion).
    Poster symposium sessions are two hours in length and consist of a poster viewing period followed by a formal presentation or discussion period. Session moderators determine the presentation or discussion format for poster symposium sessions. Poster sessions are two-three hours in length and consist of a general viewing and author attendance period. Detailed instructions for the preparation of slides and posters, as well as scheduling notices, will be provided to the contact author with the presentation notification in February 2017. All Platform, poster symposia, and poster guidelines will be available on the official PAS 2017 Meeting website. The complete schedule of all abstract presentations will be finalized by early February 2017.
    ALL abstracts, if accepted for presentation, will be viewable on-line.
    The abstract submission fee of $75 must be made directly online by credit card.
    Notification of receipt will be automatically emailed to the contact author upon submission of the abstract.
    Notification of abstract acceptance status will be emailed to the contact author listed on the abstract after February 8, 2017. If you have not received notification by February 17, 2017, please contact the PAS Program Office at 346.980.9717 or email info@pas-meetinq.org for additional assistance.