Important: The PAS 2024 abstract submission timeline will close two months earlier than the historic PAS practice. The PAS Call for Abstracts will open on August 31 and will close on November 1, 2023. PAS encourages all previous and potential submitters to prepare now for this new timeline. Abstract review and selection criteria remain unchanged. All Abstracts remain subject to peer review prior to selection.

Reasons for the new timeline change:

  • To align our meeting submission timeline with other medical meetings
  • To release the full PAS Online Program Guide as early as January, three months before the meeting
  • To allow abstract reviewers to finish their volunteer work in the fall, prior to the holidays

Also new in 2024: The PAS Work in Progress Track. This year, PAS will welcome Work in Progress submissions that share current research that is not yet completed. Submitters will have the option to select the Work in Progress track during the submission process. This new Poster Track will be held during normal PAS Poster Sessions. Posters selected for this Track will be clearly designated or clustered. Abstract submissions to the Work-in-Progress Track:

  • Must have a Resident Trainee as First Author who must also be the presenting author and submitter.
  • Meet the same abstract submission deadline (November 1, 2023).
  • Will be peer-reviewed prior to selection; incomplete data sets will be permitted for submissions to this pilot test Poster Track.

FAQ: New Timeline and Work in Progress

When can I submit my abstract?

  • The Call for Abstracts opens on August 31, 2023, and the deadline to submit is November 1, 2023, at 11:59 pm CT.

What is the fee to submit an abstract?

  • The fee for abstracts is $100 USD. This applies to all abstracts, including those submitted into the Work in Progress track. Please note abstract submission fees are nonrefundable and are separate from registration fees.

I submitted an abstract to the Work in Progress Track and would like to update new findings prior to the meeting. Is this allowed?

  • Before the submission deadline: You can make changes to your own submitted abstract until the submission deadline.
  • After the submission deadline: While we realize some changes are inevitable, we urge you to work with your potential speakers and participants to confirm their availability and presentation information prior to submission. After the deadline, use the Change Tracker Request link to alert PAS staff to changes. This link is live after the submission window closes.
  • Please note that the changes submitted should be minimal and should not include any new findings.

Can abstracts in the Work in Progress track be resubmitted to the PAS Meeting?

  • Abstracts submitted to PAS 2022 can be resubmitted with updated findings if they have not been published in manuscript form prior to submission to PAS 2023.
    ● Previously submitted and rejected abstracts should not be resubmitted with only minimal or no changes. Such submissions may result in rejection prior to, during, or after review.

Will abstracts still be peer-reviewed?

  • Abstract review and selection criteria remain unchanged. All Abstracts, including abstracts submitted to the Work in Progress track, remain subject to peer review prior to selection.

Will there be late-breaking abstracts this year?

  • There are no late-breaking abstract submissions for 2024.