Session Types

Scientific Sessions

Abstract Presentations

  • Presentation formats (platform, poster or poster symposium) are determined in February by the PAS Program Committee.
    • Platform sessions are two hours in length. Presentations are 15-minutes (10 minute/presentation; 5 minute/discussion).
    • Poster symposium sessions are two hours in length and consist of a poster viewing period followed by a formal presentation or discussion period. Session moderators determine the presentation or discussion format for poster symposium sessions.
    • Poster sessions are two-three hours in length and consist of a general viewing and author attendance period. Detailed instructions for the preparation of slides and posters, as well as scheduling notices, will be provided to the contact author with the presentation notification in February 2017. The complete schedule of all abstract presentations will be finalized by February 2017.

Invited Science (Length: 2 hrs) – (Variety of Approaches)

  • Important relevant topics of interest to all attendees from trainees to senior faculty. They are usually targeted to new; broad-based clinical strategies or techniques, which often are not for any specific discipline or subset of participants.  The emphasis is on practical and useful information for the practicing physician or provider of care and is designed to be highly interactive. Invited speakers are provided support policies for the various invited science programs. 

Meet the Professor Breakfast Sessions (Length: 45 mins)

  • Provides trainees and junior faculty the opportunity to meet with senior academic physicians who can provide insights in their field and provide career guidance in a small interactive group. These breakfast sessions will be on Sunday, May 7th, from 7:00am to 7:45am.  Sessions are small and seating is on a first-come, first served basis.  Pre-enrollment is not required.

Workshops (Length: 2-3 hrs) 

  • Includes a combination of didactic presentations, interactive discussions and hands-on techniques depending on the topic presented. Some workshops address practical topics of concern for trainees and junior scholars, while others focus on issues relevant to the senior practitioner, investigator or academic leader. Sessions are small and seating is on a first-come, first served basis.  Pre-enrollment is not required.

Core Curriculum Series (3 Tracks on Friday, May 5: Three one and a half hour consecutive workshops presented within each track)

  • A comprehensive core curriculum for fellows that address areas of academic development identified in the guidelines summarized in the American Board of Pediatrics Guidelines for Fellowship Training. Workshops focus on skill and knowledge acquisition that are appropriate for individuals at the fellowship level of training and provide a foundation for those who may not have had exposure to some required topics, as well as those who wish to pursue a topic in greater depth in the future. It is intended that these themes will repeat each year so individual curriculums can be created to complement education provided by local fellowship training programs. Certificates of completion will be distributed to participants in attendance who have signed in and provided their email address. Exception: Fee required for Core Curriculum Fellows’ Series 

Special Interest Groups (Length: 2-3 hrs)

  • Informal sessions sponsored by the Academic Pediatric Association and are organized around specific areas of interest to academic and community pediatricians. Each session is planned by the SIG Chair and in format from informal discussions to guest speakers to research presentations. Sessions are small and seating is on a first-come, first served basis.

Industry Sponsored Symposia

  • These events are not part of the official scientific sessions planned by the PAS Program Committee.  Symposia are required to meet ACCME Guidelines and Standards for Commercial Support and the content is free of commercial bias for or against any product.  ISS are planned solely by the sponsoring company/organization.  Events are scheduled during time slots that do not compete with PAS programs or exhibit hours.
  • There is no fee to attend these symposia, however, pre-registration is required. Host companies send separate invitations and on-site registration is available at the door. 

Non-Scientific Sessions/Ancillary Events

  • Functions held adjunct to the PAS Meeting and coordinated by a group other than PAS is considered an ancillary event. Educational and scientific programming, organized outside of PAS yet directed at the same audience, may not be offered over the official dates of the PAS Annual Meeting within 100 miles of the PAS meeting location. Types of Ancillary Events/Approved Activities:
    • Alumni and Faculty Events
    • Committee, Council, and Society Meetings
    • Focus Groups
    • Investigator Meetings
    • Receptions
    • Social Events