The purpose of this policy is to provide information on how the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) may collect and utilize your personal data. For purposes of this policy, “Member Organizations” are defined as the following: American Academy of Pediatrics, Academic Pediatric Association, American Pediatric Society, and Society for Pediatric Research. A listing of Alliance and Affiliate Organizations is available here.

Personal Data and Data Sources that PAS May Collect

Personal Data Personal Data Sources
Name, email and physical address, telephone numbers PAS Attendees, when submitting forms, abstracts or session or event proposals, or engaging in communications with us
Personal data about your transactions with us and personal data about your transactions with unaffiliated third parties (“Third Parties”) that are shared with PAS. Such transactional personal data can include but is not limited to, billing information, educational materials, or claims related to PAS policies or policy violations PAS Member, Alliance, Affiliate or other participating organizations, PAS websites, digital platforms, and applications
Third-party data, including personal data you provide to Third Parties when you have authorized the Third Party to share such personal data with other parties, such as personal data collected through Third Party applications, websites, or other digital interfaces, personal data you have authorized us to receive, or personal data you have authorized Third Parties to share with us Third-Party applications, websites, or other digital interfaces where you have agreed to share your personal data • Assistive technologies, mobile or wearable devices, or other similar technology

In order to better understand the academic pediatric community we serve, in the future PAS may expand the types of data it collects to include, for example, gender, race, ethnicity, cultural affiliations, or other demographic information.

How We Use Your Personal Data: We use personal data to provide our services and for purposes allowed by law. This includes use authorized by you. For example, we may use your data to:

Process registration, program, or education transactions
Example data use – education transaction: In order for CME credits to be claimed by PAS attendees PAS transmits data such as attendee name, email address, PAS registration number, session attendance, and/or evaluation data to the official PAS CME provider, currently Baylor College of Medicine.

Create and deliver educational programs and events
Example data use – educational programs: In order to create and deliver a PAS session or webinar – two examples of educational programs or events – PAS will share the attendee name and email address with external vendors with whom it has contracted for program guide apps or online meeting platforms. Illustrative vendors are Zoom, PosterCast, EventScribe, ScholarOne, and Cadmium.

Maintain your accounts
Example data use: PAS will use data such as attendee name, academic title, institution, specialty, and email address to maintain accounts that record participation in PAS activities or roles such as registrant, attendee, reviewer, moderator, speaker, workshop presenter; Board, task force or committee member.

Comply with PAS policies and applicable laws and for security purposes
Example data use – PAS policy compliance: PAS will use data such as name, email address, and abstract submissions to monitor for compliance with the PAS Academic Ethics Policy, for example, and to issue notifications or warnings of violations or take other policy enforcement actions.

Prevent and prosecute fraud or criminal activities or PAS policy violations
Example data use – prosecute fraud or criminal activities: PAS may share data in order to be responsive to requests from federal, state, or local authorities engaged in law enforcement activities.

Create, maintain, operate, and market our scholarly and educational services
Example data use – create/market educational services: PAS Meeting sessions and webinars are one example of scholarly and educational services. PAS may use attendee participation or evaluation data to pilot PAS Meeting sessions or webinars on new topics (for example, pediatric sedation). PAS may use attendee emails to spread awareness or market new sessions or webinars to those most likely to find them of interest.

Support online client experiences, digital platforms, and/or applications you elect to participate in
Example data use – support online client experiences: In order to resolve technical issues or provide the support needed by PAS participants, PAS may share error messages, user questions, requests for support, or descriptions of apparent network or platform failures with the relevant vendors (for example, Zoom, ScholarOne, or Cadmium or others).