$1,600 Regular Rate

$1,050 Nonprofit

The PAS Virtual Exhibit Hall will give your company the opportunity to showcase your institution, products, devices, and other technologies. We are excited to bring you innovative opportunities that will increase awareness and connect you with the PAS community!

Exhibitors participating in the PAS Virtual Exhibit Hall will receive a profile that includes:

  • Company logo
  • Description (300 Characters)
  • Contact information
  • Resource handouts
  • Weblinks (3)
  • The ability to video chat directly with attendees
  • The ability to text chat with attendees
  • The opportunity to purchase various exhibit booth traffic add-ons and marketing packages.

Standard Booth

Upgraded Booth


Increase booth traffic and save with our booth traffic bundle! According to past virtual events in 2020, exhibitors who have 5 or more add-ons have increased their booth traffic by 76% from exhibitors who did not.



Ensure that you can connect with attendees even after PAS with Lead Retrieval! This includes an attendee’s name, email address, specialty, and institution in a report, that updates in real-time in a report that you can run in your exhibitor portal. This information comes from any attendee who comes into your booth, who had opted-in to sharing their information and the report will also include what they have clicked on in your booth.

  1. Attendee impression tracking. See who visited your booth along with attendee contact information, including email addresses.
  2. Request Information button so attendees can contact you, sharing their information and interests. This allows attendees to let you know they would like to request further information and share a comment on what they like to learn more about from you.
  3. “Request Information” and “Favorite” buttons to your booth for attendees to click. The “Like” button allows attendees to show publicly which exhibit booth they have enjoyed, and a number appears next to the “like” button for how many attendees have liked your booth. The “Favorite” button allows attendees to add your booth to a list of favorites to come back to.



Collect information and gather leads by conducting a Giveaway. According to Cadmium CD’s 2020 events, an exhibit booth giveaway can increase booth traffic by 103%! Exhibitors will have the ability to link a survey, poll, or sign-up on the booth Giveaway Tab. The Giveaway Tab will link out to a site of your making (e.g. Survey Monkey). You can collect contact information from the attendees that choose to participate in your giveaway. All Giveaways must be picked and facilitated by exhibitors. This includes what is required to enter the giveaway as well as the prize that is provided by the exhibitor.



Provide additional URLs to be posted on your Virtual Booth. It is common to include links to press releases, product web pages, and forms. A standard booth includes three weblinks and this add-on allows you two more for a total of five web links included on your virtual exhibit booth. This allows you to link to websites and forms of your choosing. A form can collect information from attendees should they elect to fill out your form.



Increase categories from one to four. This add-on gives you the capability to pick up to four categories in the ‘Company Categories’ task (without this upgrade, you can only select up to one category). This makes your company easier to find for attendees. Attendees have the option to filter exhibitors by industries and categories that they are interested in. If you are listed under four categories that apply to you, then you have more opportunities for attendees to find you. Most organizations do not just fit into one category, so it allows attendees to find you in multiple ways.



This is an effective way to make your booth much more noticeable to attendees and have it stand out. Attendees will see a horizontal or vertical banner (depending on screen size) displayed on your virtual booth. This customizes your booth to be branded for your company and catch the attendees’ attention as soon as they enter your booth. You are able to include your company logo and website for attendees to go to or any other information you want to ensure visitors to your booth remember.



Your logo will show in the lists of other companies like Browse by Company and Browse by Category. This makes your company stand out more and become more recognizable. Attendees will have the chance to recognize your logo and enter your booth if they know your brand or want to get to know your brand. They must go through the exhibitor list if they want to go to an exhibit booth and your logo will be seen as they browse all exhibit booths.



Tell attendees everything about your organization in your company description! Your virtual booth’s ‘Description’ is collected in the ‘Company Details and Description’ task. By default, it is limited to 300 characters, but you can extend this limitation to up to 1,000 characters with this upgrade. This can include any message you want attendees to know right when they enter your booth. They then can go on through your booth with better knowledge of your organization.



Greet attendees with a message personally from you! This video starts as soon as an attendee enters your booth, drawing them in. We recommend videos between 20 seconds and 3 minutes. You can use this video to tell more about your company, direct attendees to different parts of your exhibit booth, or introduce your representatives. This video is the first thing attendees see as soon as they enter your booth. It adds a personal element in a digital word! The attendees can hear directly from you in your booth.



Participate in this year’s PAS Scavenger Hunt. This limited opportunity is a great way to gain impressions from attendees. According to Cadmium CD’s 2020 events, participating in the Scavenger Hunt can increase booth traffic to those booths by 19%, increasing your leads! The scavenger hunt will have attendees go to your booth to receive points. Attendees will scan the QR code on your booth in the Scavenger Hunt tab and answer a question to receive the points for going to your booth. This question will compel attendees to go find the answer in your booth. The scavenger hunt logo will be next to your company name in exhibitor listing so that attendees will know to go visit your booth for a chance to win a prize provided by PAS.


Bring awareness to your exhibit booth with the marketing add-on bundle. The bundle, valued at 3,500, includes both marketing add-ons listed below for $3,000, a $500 savings!


$1,000 LIMITED

Exhibitor spotlights in a PAS 2021 exhibit marketing email will highlight a select number of exhibitors prior to the virtual meeting! Company name, logo, and a short description is included for each exhibitor. The logo included will be a clickable logo that can link to your company website.


$2,500 FOR 50,000 IMPRESSIONS

Place your ad in front of PAS website visitors! Visitors come to the PAS website and when they leave, your ad is shown to them on websites they visit later. This campaign runs for 2 months with 50,000 Impressions. The ads show up on websites that the visitor goes to. This can include news sites, weather sites, and other websites. The ad will include a link that the visitor will be redirected to when they click on your ad. This is a website of your choice or it can link to your exhibit booth. This includes real-time analytics that you can access to track impressions and clicks broken up by ad size.


$600 – Pre-Meeting

$800 – Post-Meeting

 Increase booth traffic and exposure with pre- and post-meeting mailings. PAS pre-registrants’ physical mailing addresses are available to contracted exhibitors at $600 per pre-meeting mailing and $800 per post-meeting mailing. Please note PAS attendee email addresses are not included on this list. Lists will be sent out on April 5, 2021, in an electronic format (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) and include:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Primary Specialty
  • Organization/Institution
  • Type of Registration

PAS requires that your promotional piece be approved before it is mailed to the registrants. Material mailings must be used in the promotion solely for the purpose of inviting attendees to your booth. Product information and company logos are allowed. All promotional materials that include product information must have FDA approval. Products or equipment that have not received FDA approval cannot be promoted through this mailing. Lists are for one-time use only and are not to be shared with another company. The PAS does not allow non-exhibiting companies access to mailing lists of attendees.

The Pediatric Academic Societies name, insignia, logo, and acronym of the Pediatric Academic Society are proprietary marks and may not be used in signs, advertising, or promotions in any media or on descriptive product literature either inside or outside the exhibit area. This rule applies before, after, and/or during the meeting, unless prior approval has been received from PAS.

Once you have purchased and paid for your mailing list, please send your promotional file to Kelly Schmalfeldt, kschmalfeldt@pasmeeting, for approval.

Questions? Contact us!

Questions? Contact us!