As we prepare for a virtual PAS 2021, there will be some changes, but our vision to be the premier North American scholarly child health meeting remains unchanged. 

At PAS 2021 you can expect the same opportunity to…

  • Present your scholarship to thousands of pediatric professionals from 60+ specialties
  • Hear high-quality scholarship in familiar PAS formats
  • Network & collaborate with colleagues from 500+ hospitals & institutions
  • Build your career or help another to advance
  • Use the familiar PAS submission timeline, process & use tools
  • Participate during familiar PAS Meeting dates…and beyond!
  • Earn CME & MOC credits 

NEW benefits to expect include …         

  • Easy access to PAS content during & after PAS 2021
  • A user-friendly virtual event platform that will capitalize on your Zoom expertise
  • An improved PAS schedule with less concurrency and more accommodative of busy schedules
  • Friendly help when you need it – as you submit, participate, and access PAS content

We remain committed to providing access to the high-quality research and knowledge that physicians, researchers, and educators expect from PAS – while keeping everyone safe in their homes and communities. Learn more about our meeting program and new initiatives

The PAS 2021’s will use the Cadmium CD virtual meeting platform, optimized for the best attendee, speaker, and exhibitor experience. The virtual meeting website has a user-friendly interface with easy to find content. Attendees can add sessions to their schedule and favorite exhibitors so they can go back to their favorite parts of the meeting. There are many opportunities for recognition for exhibitors and sponsors in a visually appealing way.

Sample Home Page

The sessions are easy to view and see all aspects of the presentation. Speakers are shown alongside their slides. There is ample opportunity for attendee engagement. For example, there is a discussion tab for attendees to talk to each other throughout the course of the session so they can share their thoughts. The questions tab allows attendees to ask questions to the speakers during the session for speakers to be able to answer during a post-session question and answer. Attendees can also up-vote other attendees’ questions if they have the same question so the speaker can answer the most-asked questions first. The polling tab allows the speaker to get responses from the attendees during the session. There are speaker profiles in each session preview so attendees can learn more about the speakers who are presenting.

Sample Session

Attendees can view sessions and take notes on the mobile app that works in tandem with the virtual meeting website. They can also receive notifications for sessions about to start and access the schedule they have built on the virtual meeting website. The mobile app allows attendees to participate in the virtual scavenger hunt where they will find QR codes throughout the meeting, scan them, answer a question, and then receive points to win a prize.

Sample App

The exhibit hall will be available during the entire conference with official unopposed hours on May 1 – 4, 2021 that will allow attendees to go visit the exhibit hall without any session conflicts. The virtual exhibit hall is user-friendly and customizable for exhibitors. It allows attendees to filter the exhibitor listing by category, alphabet, or simply browse the available exhibitors.

Sample Exhibit Listing

Schedules are easy to navigate and attendees can find everything they need. They can look ahead for the day to see what sessions they are interested in. The schedule is available both in the app and on the website. Attendees can also access the slides and recordings after the presentation is done for future use.

Sample Schedule

Networking rooms will be available for specialty groups, post-session chats, and sponsored networking sessions.

Sample Networking Room